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Partners In Education is a nationwide program in which local businesses form a partnership with local schools to help children in the community. 

Leaders For Life Martial Arts has been helping children in the community for years through our professional martial arts classes and lifeskill training. In return, we would like to give back to the community that has given so much to us.



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Special Abilities Martial arts

Special Abilities

Children and adults with special needs or abilities can also find ATA Taekwondo especially beneficial and empowering.

To give the Special Abilities student the best opportunity to take part in our curriculum, we offer classes dedicated to both physically and cognitively challenged children and adults. Our Special Abilities program tailors to each individual's needs. We combine important life skills with Taekwondo-based gross motor skills improvement and exercise. We also have an established relationship with area physicians, physical and occupational therapists, and mental health professionals that we can consult with if needed to establish an individual program. Before attending class, please be sure to print and complete our Student Intake Form, which can be found here.

Leaders for Life Martial Arts Partner in Education

Partners in Education

Leaders for Life Martial Arts uses an integrative system for all students in which we monitor our student’s behavior in our classes, at home, and at school. Inviting your instructor to be the Teacher-For-A-Day at your school, inviting them to speak to your child’s classroom, or do an Assembly Presentation is a great way to not only reinforce the same life skills that we teach at L4L, but also expose the other kids in their classroom to the same principles.

Our dynamic presentations have produced such great results with student’s behavior at school, and stopped bullying that teachers continuously ask us to return to partner with them in creating Leaders in the classroom!

Leaders for Life Martial Arts community safety

Community Safety Education

We highly recommend a Self-Defense Training Program for every company interested in increasing their staff’s confidence, self-awareness, and overall well being.

In an Leaders for Life Martial Arts Corporate Self-Defense Seminar, we will primarily discuss the most common attacks and how to protect yourself in those situations.

However, you can never be too prepared when it comes to Self-Defense, which is why we can also provide you with additional Self-Defense topics such as: Gun-Defense, Knife-Defense, Ground-Defense, and more.

Leaders for Life Martial Arts Family Class

Family Class

Your family’s safety is our biggest priority.

Rest assured that we won’t let just anyone influence your child. All Leaders for Life Martial Arts instructors are fully certified, have gone through a background check, and are continuously monitored to ensure your child’s safety.

We are proud that our instructors are not just world-class martial artists, but great role models on and off the mat who are trained how to bring out the best in every student!


Our seminars and presentations are open to anyone wanting to participate.